Electrosplendid 4

Meet Miku Electrosplendid cigar box guitar – 4 strings, 580 mm scale (22,8 inches)
Maple neck plus quite big cigar box make this guitar sounds cool. Original Flatpup humbucker with mahogany pickguard and volume pot make the electric sound rich and fat (as you know Original Flatpups are high end CBGs pickups).
Sound demo on request.
Jack-out is inside the strap hook. I use headstock to tie the second end of the belt so there is no second strap hook. There is wooden structure built inside the box to ensure durability.
As you can see the headstock is sculpted as well as tailpiece. I have hand cut all the details in this piece of aluminium – this is my logo plus Bibiraa – meat eating flower.
Plum wood is used to make round, nice corner – palm rest. The bridge is hand cut in palisander and finished with TruOil. The neck is waxed, the fret markers are made od thin pieces of mahogany. The scale is 580 mm. – 22,8 inches



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